Just saying… #TGIF

This could be the most random post ever, I wasn’t planning on writing one but I’m so distracted on last working afternoon in the office of year 2016 and I know I’ve been lacking any kind of motivation here on blogging which kind of sucks, I know and I apologize for that:(

First of all a quick recap of what’s been happening in the past few months! After coming back from USA business trip I was caught up in preparing Tokyo Travel with my boyf , the trip happened in early Dec. and I ended up being hospitalized for almost a week due to frostbite, don’t worry I’m almost all recovered with soft, new skin like a baby:D But man! It was hell of a trip and adventure and I really don’t have the time or energy to do any kind of grand journaling or blogging…… Then I was visiting Tainan & Kaohsiung last weekend and now we’re straight heading to counting down to 2017 ?! Where did all that time go???

I was talking to my Polish friend and we both agreed that this time of year is especially hard, like in the early Dec. you get so stocked about entering holiday season and feel like everything’s festive even the country or area you’re in is not but mentally, everything’s just extra lovely. but once you roll into the last week of Dec. you start to panic because somehow any sorts of goals or motivation simply get drained away with rush of time and you start to feel annoyed about 1. Not ready for the big countdown even you’re not actually going to do any extravagant celebration according to your past behavioral history. 2. Feeling impatient getting stuck in the limbo of 2016/2017 because you still secretly/stubbornly hold on to the idea that by clocking into 2017 everything will be better, you get your energy back on, positivity all that fantastic things, in logic you know it’s not true but it has always been a ritual with our brain processing like this. I mean, after a couple of days in Jan. everything will be back to normal, there never ever was a pumpkin to begin with!!! Does anyone out there feel the same??? Or is it just me …

Anyways, I tried to come up with at least some plans like go watch Lala Land tmrw morning, where to eat and what to buy at Costco so me and selient can cuddle up in house and get this over with lol maybe I’ll watch NYC Time Square countdown the next day like I always do. Ohh we have to finish Westworld too…… that would take up some time!

This is the last post of 2016, I hope you have a lovely weekend and celebration and a great start of 2017, Happy New Year!




Feline x Cafe = Love


  • Time: Some weekend night in August, 2016
  • Location: Yaboo Cafe @ Taipei

This little guy is one of cafe’s cats, I hardly ever capture so many photos of him, he was just lazily lying on the big table and letting me do all the snaps. I just love his color so much and his attitude lol 



note to self #2 – Summer Chitchat

I have a confession to make, I’ve been very lazy on writing blogs. I set out to post regularly although I don’t have a fixed schedule I do have some ideas jotted down in my notebook, some photos taken…… I want to blame it on the weather, the heat. In Taiwan we’re losing spring & autumn, summer’s getting longer, hotter every year! It’s pretty cheeky to call it the nature’s fault, huh! But despite the laziness and everyday mundane life, I’m actually not that hating summer for the first time in very long years. Still on track of healthy diet and workout, slipping out of the so-called-plans doesn’t bother me like OCD had been nagging me at old days, I really keep that quote I found in Baum-Kuchen “The Journey is the Destination” in heart. Also, reading inspiring quotes from Michelle’s blogpost @ SEAWEED KISSES really encourages myself to stay in a positive mindset every time I can:)

Once again I diverted from what I have in mind wanted to talk about in the first place… So what is it then? On the last day of June I decide to write this note to self and pick up the left pieces and just go! Embrace summer, embrace heat wave whatever and most importantly enjoy summer life! Live it like we adult still have summer holidays!

Just think about all the things we can do, accomplish and plan in this season is getting me excited personally! I actually have quite a few “plans” on my plate right now and I can’t wait to adventure through and share with you guys whoever’s kindly taking time to read my words here on Mind Pool or for god’s sake, just talking to my inner self!

If you’re listening to music, listen more. If you’re reading a book, read another one. If you’re journaling thoughts down, journal more. If you’re hanging out with loved ones, cherish those time spent. If you want to travel, plan it like you’re last trip. We only live once in summer 2016.


P.S. Stay tuned and hit me up if you have any interesting summer ideas and whatever you’re up to! I’d love to know! 



note to self #1

I‘m in the office right now on a Saturday, because we’re having an adjusted extra day off next week for Dragon Boat Holiday. Not really much to do today, went out lunch with colleges and grabbed a hot caffe latte from cama for the afternoon time-kill. I’m done checking with all the social media stuff and I tried to find cheap tickets for a possible Tokyo trip end of year, but nothing found and I refuse to be bored so while there’s another couple of hours left why not “journal” here on the blog.

Well, selient is actually meeting me up 17:30 sharp and tbh I’m kinda nervous since we just had a major fight last night and we decided to meet today, talk it through instead of dragging on yesterday in emotional meltdown…… I’m like not sure about many things but don’t really know what to think, like is there an exact right or wrong in relationship honestly? However I’m pretty positive about that we’ll fix this-whatever it is again and life goes on, it’s not the easiest thing, life never is if you look closely but it’s okay, because over the past two years I’ve learned that love is complicated, it’s not romcom in real life but it is something more bittersweet and worth fighting for.

Where will I end up tonight? I can’t say, but I’ll keep journaling and drinking coffee that’s for sure. Sorry about the rambling, but I really need to write this down while sipping coffee.


P.S. That photo was taken with iPhone6 edited on VSCO & Word Swag 



PMS rant

I even bother to write down my brain rant, man it’s tough! This week selient went back home to deal with some family stuff so I was left alone in Taipei and got bored…… I mean I have things to do my own but for the past almost two years I’m so used to hanging out with him in the weekends and for the past two days I have to get used to being a person instead to two.

I should write in the very first part that this is not a proper/standard blogpost, but just as I typed down these words I ask myself what exactly is a proper post anyway? Funny. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Mind Pool is not where I set out to rant but the title Mind Pool totally justifies the idea of brain dumping, good or bad, inspiring or boring, who cares, I shouldn’t be setting myself with unnecessary barriers now that I’m the only person swimming in this damn pool:)

So back to girl talk/TMI stuff – period. I’m not that kinda girl who suffers terrible pain during period, I only get minor to medium un-comfort in which I would very much appreciate chairs instead of standing up degree kinda pain. However I fear PMS, I’m don’t know if I have PMS every time but mostly I can tell there’s something wrong if there’s one. My routine is headache, dizziness and fatigue, lost interest in everything and craving for comfort food, sometimes I get annoyed twice easily and my boyf to me could act like an ass but mostly it’s not his fault……

What I regret this weekend: Ate too much Korean food, drank Starbucks’ Key Lime Pie Frappuccino.

I worked out great on Friday night but the following two days I’m so tired mentally and physically even up until now – Sunday night. Skyped with my lovely friend from Poland, Dominika who’s coming over to Tainan for a semester’s exchange SOON. Went to Costco with fam and the food tastes delicious because I haven’t eaten for months, that’s how to fall in love with something, again. I was trying to force myself go on exercise but it started to rain so I’m relived with a slight guilt, but it’s just my OCD messing with me, I need to workout in good state of mind/body, and building up habit is a long-term challenge, thinking this way makes me feel a little bit better. (padding on the shoulder)

At least I journaled my Roterfaden just now, I will be watching some more creative journaling/roterfaden review youtube vids the rest of the night. It did make me feel better to jolt down these rants than nothing, sorry if it bores you, appreciate if you hear me through. Nites.



Dating Journal #2_2016.03.06 Sun.

So the week before Japan trip has been hectic, I’ve kicking every tasks one by one in work in the speed of light hoping not to burden myself with trivial stuff and life’s been pretty full with my daily workout routine going strong. Saturday was divided into hospital appointments and Priska, I’m doing my best to be the best shape physically and mentally before the flight, I had a lovely time with Priska while selient was decluttering his place.

Sunday morning 0830. Me and Diana met up in Starbucks and ran our itinerary, I’m rather unfamiliar with Kansai area however we decided not to rush and just enjoy the trip, schedule-wise everything seems pretty fine, not much to worry about so we basically finished rundown before 1130 when selient came to fetch me.

I craved for a quick and easy yummy udon again, even though I just ate it the day before, Priska loved it too! This new udon place I’ve been obsessing over with is called 讚岐釜揚げうどん丸龜製麵@新光三越南西2館B1 serves the yummiest udon you can eat in Taipei, they said it tastes pretty much the same like in Japan’s original store which I’ll check out next week. I’m a noodle lover so basically I would love this place before I even tried anything.

I ordered yet again 明太釜玉うどん added some fresh scallion and white sesame to spice up a bit. Lunch wasn’t complete without another Onigiri, rice lover here too!

After lunch and a little walk around MUJI as usual, we headed back to selient’s, I was kind of dizzy and just not feeling very energetic generally, I guess it was because of the sunshine of spring, always making people want to yarn and curled up in bed. We watched two anime, ONE PUNCH ova (I never thought I’d enojy this so much and followed through the episodes now very much anticipating season 2) & DIMENSION W (super interesting with the sci-fi story setting and the cuttiest heroine robot ever I’m too obsessed like I never thought I would, great taste my boyf, giving him all the thumbs up!)

I felt asleep for a while, for dinner I wanted to copy exactly what I ate with Priska @ Rice Cafe杓文字 梅子小魚茶泡飯 I picked this set because I couldn’t eat anything fried and too spicy to damage my sensitive throat and condition but it turned out to be a pretty tasty choice, fresh and light, glad I have more options now:)

Following dinner came dessert time otherwise a date wouldn’t be complete, but since I’m strictly on my no sugary drinks routine, I shared 小確信紅茶牛奶合作社 正濃(Hot) with selient, we sat in the park and just chatted randomly, enjoying the night, it didn’t feel like a Sunday, probably because I’m going away for a week, left this journal, finished my work and I get to breathe some fresh air in Japan, can’t wait to be there just enjoy life for a short while, but I can’t even wait to go back with him.  xxx


Dating Journal #1_2016.02.21 Sun.

I didn’t plan this entry when starting the blog but I feel like relationship has been an important/big part of my life and I want to not only journal on traveler’s notebook but also blog about it, to express, to reflect and to remember—us.

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Hello Internet

This is a testing blog post worked out in the midnight in the room along again.

My BGM is some kind of random deep house remix from youtube, yeah.

I shouldn’t be staying up this late but couldn’t help trying to figure out this wordpress thing and reach out to the world NOW