Chitchat & Random Ink Test on Hobonichi Techo


Surprise surprise guys! After a brief hiatus I’ve managed to snapped some photos and put this content together which I’ve never done before, that’s an INK TEST, sound a bit serious and professional isn’t it? Well… it’s nothing like that. Before we get into seeing some colour here I just want to mention that Thank God we’re finally having some wintery vibe here to catch up with Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year), I haven’t been in my best shape physically, been going in and out of hospital for check ups and stuff, everything’s okay now, just need to do more rounds and take care of myself, I wasn’t feeling that bad anyway but it’s more like mentally I hate being labeled as a patient, annoyed being partly known for some facts and still not 100% sure of the condition but I disgrace…

I’ve been seeing some post about these Zebra Sarasa clip gel pens in vintage colors and it just got me that I have to have them all! So I stormed to Kingstone Dongmen branch last Friday after work and bought a whole set of 5 colors, it’s retailed for NTD$36 (that’s roughly about USD$1.1) each and they give out one mini correction tape for each pen so I got five of them!

See how lovely these colours are! I like how the plastic pen itself is corresponding to each’s own colour and the buttery beige clip & gold labeling on top making it a bit more retro than it is. I believe these colors aren’t too unique to find on the market but for a gel pen it’s a nice launch for stationary lover to have an easy access of the essential colour of selection if you’re not using fountain pens. I personally love the RED BLACK & BLUE GRAY ones the most! They’re all very subtle and opaque and 0.5mm nib is very easy to write with, I just glided those roller balls on hobonichi techo’s creamy smooth papers with content:)

Downside though, they don’t offer refill at the moment and 0.5mm is the only size available now. So that’s something to be considered before purchasing!

Here are some of the pen sets I bought along with my Sept. purchase of hobonichi. On top is this Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen which I find very useful when you’re trying to do some amateur calligraphy and nice little topic writing while journaling.

On the bottom are those Zebra Mildliner Double Sided Highliters that are just generally beautiful to look at, I’ve always hated highlighers that literally HURT my eyes and as the name suggests, mild these colours are, they still don’t go unnoticed!


I hope you enjoy this quick post and let me know what’s your fav colour from Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen Vintage colours!



Just saying… #TGIF

This could be the most random post ever, I wasn’t planning on writing one but I’m so distracted on last working afternoon in the office of year 2016 and I know I’ve been lacking any kind of motivation here on blogging which kind of sucks, I know and I apologize for that:(

First of all a quick recap of what’s been happening in the past few months! After coming back from USA business trip I was caught up in preparing Tokyo Travel with my boyf , the trip happened in early Dec. and I ended up being hospitalized for almost a week due to frostbite, don’t worry I’m almost all recovered with soft, new skin like a baby:D But man! It was hell of a trip and adventure and I really don’t have the time or energy to do any kind of grand journaling or blogging…… Then I was visiting Tainan & Kaohsiung last weekend and now we’re straight heading to counting down to 2017 ?! Where did all that time go???

I was talking to my Polish friend and we both agreed that this time of year is especially hard, like in the early Dec. you get so stocked about entering holiday season and feel like everything’s festive even the country or area you’re in is not but mentally, everything’s just extra lovely. but once you roll into the last week of Dec. you start to panic because somehow any sorts of goals or motivation simply get drained away with rush of time and you start to feel annoyed about 1. Not ready for the big countdown even you’re not actually going to do any extravagant celebration according to your past behavioral history. 2. Feeling impatient getting stuck in the limbo of 2016/2017 because you still secretly/stubbornly hold on to the idea that by clocking into 2017 everything will be better, you get your energy back on, positivity all that fantastic things, in logic you know it’s not true but it has always been a ritual with our brain processing like this. I mean, after a couple of days in Jan. everything will be back to normal, there never ever was a pumpkin to begin with!!! Does anyone out there feel the same??? Or is it just me …

Anyways, I tried to come up with at least some plans like go watch Lala Land tmrw morning, where to eat and what to buy at Costco so me and selient can cuddle up in house and get this over with lol maybe I’ll watch NYC Time Square countdown the next day like I always do. Ohh we have to finish Westworld too…… that would take up some time!

This is the last post of 2016, I hope you have a lovely weekend and celebration and a great start of 2017, Happy New Year!



What I Eat During My USA Business Trip

I like to take photos of food before I eat them, not necessarily to put them on social media because many of the times I just randomly snap a quick one without curating them to look delicious. This is more like a ritual / habit started this year to document what I consume as a little reminder of my intake which I can look back to and see if I’m eating healthy, and sometimes it’s simply just a about a happy memory these food can bring me back to:D Whatever, food is good and I love food!

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America Mini Haul & some random thoughts / Oct. 2016


Guys, sorry about the absence here, I’d been super busy & stressed since late Sept. due to a brand vendor submit meeting so I was away in the states 10/17-24. Business trip is never that fun but I gotta make the most out of it after all we fly all the way across the earth with 2 long haul flights and those crazy domestic layovers my flight hours in total this time hit like 40HRS sigh……

I went to Tampa, FL & Easton, PA. I was able to witness the glorious sunset in Tampa St. Pete Beach thanks to our lovely clients, the beach view & breeze were amazing and I’m so glad I got to truly experience a bit of Tampa which I wasn’t able to had last year. The other location I went to was Easton and this was absolutely something new and lovely to me too! The temperature drops drastically and it’s all autumn/halloweeny vibe, leafs are turning yellow, orange and red. The places I went to neither were big cities so it was relatively more peaceful and quiet, I’m still very impressed with all that space and relaxation you get out of it from America, everything’s just BIG and spacious compared to Asian hectic metropolitan like for example my  hometown, Taipei, Taiwan. I’m pretty proud of myself with my presentation on work and the fact that my mental/physical health had been pretty much in best shape during the trip making everything so much smoother.

Today I have only one photo to share, it’s mostly what I got from mall-shopping, went to this one in Tampa called International Plaza and Bay Street which concierge said to be the better mall, the other one was at Easton called Lehigh Valley Mall I asked the girls at the front desk to recommend mall that carries Sephora:P (I had nice little girls chats with them and I really love the cozy hotel feel they give, if you’re ever around that area looking for a place to stay why not try Hampton Inn Easton)

Things I’ve purchased: 

AEO Antique Rings 3-Pack
AEO Blue Lapis Shapes Ring 5-Pack
AEO Ming & OPAL Shapes Ring 5-Pack 
KAT VON D INK LINER in Trooper Ultra Black
KAT VON D EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK in Lolita II / Double Dare / Santa Sangre


It really isn’t that much we can just call it a mini haul right? As you can tell I’m very obsessed with liquid lipstick ATM especially into reds and nudes. I can’t believe I’m so late on this bandwagon for its incredible wearing time, color pay-off and texture, I’m afraid the obsession is only the beginning! Basically I don’t like to shop clothing too much during business trip because it took up too many time trying them on and fitting, all that stress already! But I do wish I snatch more accessories at AEO, they do offer some pretty cool pieces.

Now that I own KYLIE LIP KIT – Dolce K, KVD, Too Faced, is there any other liquid lipstick brand that I should definitely give it a try?

Thanks for reading, hope you stick around for some food shots coming up soon:D










My Hobonichi Techo 2017 UNBOXING


So I finally jump into the hobonichi techo bandwagon, hooray! Ever since I started my journal / stationary journey on year 2015 I’ve been a faithful traveler’s notebook kinda gal:P I adore the system, how it’s very user-firendly and flexible to customzie even for a not-quite-so-artsy person like me. I know there’s another very popular system called hobonichi and somehow I just had the WRONG impression that it woudn’t suit my recent released free spirit whatever that is! A journal/planner with dates printed out and format laid out sounded so depressing but I was so wrong!

Thanks to the lovely stationary community on youtube and instagram I’ve been seeing some very amazing sharing about hobonichi and how it has its advantage or eye-catching designs that gradually grew on me and BOOM a couple of months ago I decided to join the Septembre preorder, the desire to get my hands on my own hobo finally got satisfied with 9/1 release and I quickly picked out below rather basic items to kick start my 2017 hobonichi experience.  First let’s take a peak on this year’s pacakge, it’s a soft baby pink with dark green lettering, I have to admit to actaully have a box to unbox is like an early christmas!


Let’s open it up!


So I bought these……


Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 22.45.11.png

I decided to pick up the basic cover this year, choosing a rather earthy/dirty yellow keeping it simple and neutral since I thought the planner design itself is already “girlish”. At first I wanted to get A5 to fit into my Roterfaden but I couldn’t resist the idea of having one hobo cover too so I was gladly convinced to get A6 the original planner size instead, the actual impression is quite compact and I’m confident I can adapt to this One Page Per Day system, I wouldn’t want to waste any page of this little badass, it has this magic to make you commit journaling daily, or at least that’s how I feel right now, maybe it’s all too early to say but let’s stay positive and experimental, shall we?

I decided to go with the English ver. this year for no particular reason I guess. Really like the free cover on cover that comes with the planner kit, it even has a pocket in the back so you can still access your planner pocket. Hobonichi seem to be giving out different exclusive accessories every year and for this year it’s a mini butter toast plate (so cute! scream!! I’m putting this in my office to add a pop of cuteness onto the worktop vibe) & 3-color ballpoint pen that tested to be able to write smoothly (BONUS!)

I got myself another cover-on-cover with Japanese style pattern on, thought the white artwork would go really well with my solid pineapple cover! And who could resist not throwing some useful accessories into shopping cart anyway? Photo album for more storage, Dot sticky notes for a pop of color and pinpoint on important dates-A MUST, Mildliner highlighters? Gotta Try!


This is just a Dokonoko App (Instagram for cats and dogs) flyer that came in with the box and I thought was pretty cute so I snapped and put it here.

So that’s pretty much about the unboxing! I didn’t really buy too much stuff as you can tell, lol. Overall the purchasing experience was very pleasant, hobonichi has a very detailed English website to meet international customers’ needs which I’ll linked it down below, the packaging is impeccable and shipping was super fast! Basically pre-orders take up 1-7 business days’ preparation, I placed mine 9/1, received email confirmation 9/2, got shipping notice on 9/9 and my parcel was dispatched by EMS on 9/10, took only 3 days to arrive (Japan->Taiwan) Wonderful! It made my day:)


Please go check out HOBONICHI TECHO 2017 website if you haven’t already, watch out your money in the purse, considered it warned.

Let me know if you’re getting one hobo for yourself this year? Which combo are you most interested in? Or share with us if you’re already a hobonichi techo user:)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon. xxx



Feline x Cafe = Love


  • Time: Some weekend night in August, 2016
  • Location: Yaboo Cafe @ Taipei

This little guy is one of cafe’s cats, I hardly ever capture so many photos of him, he was just lazily lying on the big table and letting me do all the snaps. I just love his color so much and his attitude lol 



[Taipei/台北] 銀兔スープカレー/Soup Curry/湯咖哩



  • Time: 2016.08.07 Sunday lunch 12:00
  • Location: 台北市浦城街13巷14號
  • Contact: 886-02-2369-7331 (lunch hour 1100-1500, dinner hour 1700-2100)

* We got to 銀兔 around 1130 but it was not open until 1200, they haven’t changed their opening hour details on Facebook so be sure to call in advance to confirm and book a table! 

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sink #2

Thought I wasn’t gonna journal down my dreams anymore, but here I am still. Lately I’ve been dreaming less, I didn’t count the numbers it just came to me as an impression but it didn’t mean I sleep better or worse, it’s just me entering a different phase in terms of sleeping. I sometimes wake up at 4am without any obvious reason, I’m not feeling particularly hot or cold in A/C room, nor am I thirsty or needing a piss, I just wake up and my head’s kind of crystal clear, you know?

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June 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

2016 Monthly Daily Refill. 

It’s July now and June seems like a period very long time ago, entering July is like officially entering summer and what’s before summer is now left a blurry dream that I can’t quite grasp.

+ 6/9-6/12 was traditional Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan, selient went back to Kaohsiung to see his family, I was lazily lounging around at home, hanging out with friends and family and TV series. Luckily I got two on sale tickets from Cathy Pacific Airlines to Tokyo, Japan in Dec. For a round trip flight tickets per person it was half the price I bought March. 2015. Booked Toyoko Inn & Sunroute Hotel Higashi-Shinjuku for backups but I was very attempted to try Airbnb this time so I was constantly browsing these amazing cozy homey listings and after a long discussion and comparison we booked one right near 大門/濱松町 (Daimon Station for Metro/Hamamatsucho Satation for JR) I literally cant wait to live there and enjoy our winter vacation!!! 

+ Planning Tokyo trip here and there, jotting down all the places we wanna go and food we wanna try, I’m quite determined to perfect my planner before / after the trip, It’s my 3rd time to Tokyo and I’m very excited for what’s more to discover, how enjoyable, relaxing and memorable the whole journey will be, adventures ahead!

+ This is a bit TMI but nevertheless, after 3 months on hold with birth control pill I decided to go back with a different brand, went to clinic for counseling and decided to jump from Yasmin to Meliane, So far in July I’ve been taking consecutively more than a week and I feel fine, don’t feel a change, not suffering any kinda side effect as far as I know, my frequent than usual headache is no where to be found in recent days, so overall I’m satisfied with the decision. 

+ Keeping up on track with my workout progress, my weight has been stably dropping these couple of months, body fat-wise, too. On 6/30 I hit Orange Level on Nike+Running app with 51.9km. I cut off sugary drinks once and for all but from time to time I still crave for chips and fries, I can do more exercise, walk faster, run more and eat cleaner, but in the weekend I really want to eat freely and happily, not to that point of junkie food but calorie intake-wise might be higher than weekdays’ super clean diet! Still figuring out the balance and my mental state on this food matter, working on it, gal! 

How’s your June? What’s your plan for summer? Airbnb is very addictive, isn’t it?!



note to self #2 – Summer Chitchat

I have a confession to make, I’ve been very lazy on writing blogs. I set out to post regularly although I don’t have a fixed schedule I do have some ideas jotted down in my notebook, some photos taken…… I want to blame it on the weather, the heat. In Taiwan we’re losing spring & autumn, summer’s getting longer, hotter every year! It’s pretty cheeky to call it the nature’s fault, huh! But despite the laziness and everyday mundane life, I’m actually not that hating summer for the first time in very long years. Still on track of healthy diet and workout, slipping out of the so-called-plans doesn’t bother me like OCD had been nagging me at old days, I really keep that quote I found in Baum-Kuchen “The Journey is the Destination” in heart. Also, reading inspiring quotes from Michelle’s blogpost @ SEAWEED KISSES really encourages myself to stay in a positive mindset every time I can:)

Once again I diverted from what I have in mind wanted to talk about in the first place… So what is it then? On the last day of June I decide to write this note to self and pick up the left pieces and just go! Embrace summer, embrace heat wave whatever and most importantly enjoy summer life! Live it like we adult still have summer holidays!

Just think about all the things we can do, accomplish and plan in this season is getting me excited personally! I actually have quite a few “plans” on my plate right now and I can’t wait to adventure through and share with you guys whoever’s kindly taking time to read my words here on Mind Pool or for god’s sake, just talking to my inner self!

If you’re listening to music, listen more. If you’re reading a book, read another one. If you’re journaling thoughts down, journal more. If you’re hanging out with loved ones, cherish those time spent. If you want to travel, plan it like you’re last trip. We only live once in summer 2016.


P.S. Stay tuned and hit me up if you have any interesting summer ideas and whatever you’re up to! I’d love to know!