busy update

It’s been two months since i was back from Japan trip and i’ve managed to have some free time and spirit now to write down a little about, well the past two months.

If you’re also on my twitter & instagram you’d already know i was briefly in USA (Boston, NYC) for business trip, and That was the reason i’ve been missing out from blogging. Once i got back from Japan i was thrown at heavy workload, a little later after one month a brand i’m responsible for invited us to join mill week in NYC, to showcase our fabric materials, it was the first time invited by this brand and of course i was exciting, i’d like to think that it means for the past couple of years’ work with the brand had finally came to a progress. I only had less than a month to put everything together; pick out fabric hangers, group them, organize them, quote prices, prepare stuff and my daily heavier workload than ever. I was working like 10 hours a day for two weeks and i just wanted this whole meeting thing to be done with asap.

Up there at NYC & Boston wasn’t as cold as i was expecting, i heard it started to snow after i left, i’d really love to see the snow properly for once! A lot of flight hours, line waiting, time was messed up, we had four clients to visit in two days in two cities, the schedule was pretty hectic and i was too tired to bother even get souvenir not to mention doing my personal shopping… Although i was only in Manhattan for a little over a day, i can see the city’s appeal despite crazy traffic and easily spotted garbage on the street, Big Apple is unique, it’s a melting pot with all races, different people from different culture backgrounds walking down the street, it has a hustling vibe that’s vigorous and inspiring. I actually managed to drank 4 Chai and snatched a Starbucks city mug back, i want to put it on my table and remind me to go back there one day, to explore and feel the heart of the city.

Arriving Taipei 5-ish am, i went home and had a long shower and put myself in bed for 6 hours, i can barely sleep on planes this trip particularly, that drying cabin air makes me really uncomfortable, i gotta remind myself to bring a surgical mask to cover myself up next time! Friday i headed into the office and finished up as much as work i could, i hate having work piled up, knowing something is in line to be dealt with after reading emails. Do you ever feel that way too? i can’t help to check my work emails if there’s a counting number popping up on my app, it’s more like i have an OCD to get that number off as soon as i see it or it’ll hang on the back of my mind:(

I spent the whole Saturday with my guy, we just chilled in bed, snacked on unhealthy comfy food, watched some Netflix and played a lot of OVERCOOKED This is the first game i’ve ever been addicted to, it’s a happy obsession and hell of fun i promise if you’re not a gamer just like me you’ll love it, it’s challenging enough but you can still have fun along the adventure, who knows a gal can’t cook can whip magic in the plates and dance in the kitchen so well huh

Now i’m going to hibernate, it finally feels like winter here on the island.


One thought on “busy update

  1. Overcooked is one of the main sources of arguments between me and my partner XD he is not very organised in the kitchen and I shout at him 99% of the time 😅 we still have the greatest fun playing it!!


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