so i really did it again

2017 Japan Vlog 02 thumbnail

2017 Japan Vlog 2 

i really love this picture my guy took of me, i was so close to the deer and we were just staring at each other or more like me staring at him(she) and being creepy LOL

so second installment of my travel diary is ONLINE rn! I DID IT AGAIN! i have to say shamelessly i’m proud of myself being so efficient and delivering something out of nothing!

i wish i’d recorded more clips so i have more to elaborate but i couldn’t have asked for more as a first timer, basically i’m like can’t wait to shoot another travel vlog, been thinking about if i should settle down next year’s Japan travel timeline, hummm, bit greedy huh?

and before any destination close or far ahead, live everyday as happily as possible, be amazing, feel amazing, because we all have one life, we all live once, equally.

i shot the video with Canon G7X mark II, edited with Final Cut Pro X, please go have a watch, give it a like, subscribe and comment, it’d make my day:)





2 thoughts on “so i really did it again

  1. You’re very cute in that photo ^_^
    I watched both your videos and loved them! I think you can see how you’ve improved between the first and the second one, even though they were made in such short period of time!
    I still hope you’ll make a blog post on your traveler’s notebook for your Japanese trip :D

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