you know what, why no just write a post about it!

as this four-day national holiday comes to an end, i have to go back to work tmrw…… my feeling right now is more like numb, UGH i don’t want to feel or know that i have to get back to office, but complaints end here, period.

a fellow blogger friend if i may call her that myself, Julia from Walhallavagen left a hearty comment on my “coming-back” post and it encouraged me greatly that i’m actually just not overthinking and typing another post in such short period of time, wow.

first off, my guy went back to visit his family so i’m along in Taipei w my family, i have so much time and let’s see what i’ve used all my time in the past four days.

— Day 1. declutter my phone and laptop, organize my room and stuff, luckily i kept my promise and keep things under control since my last huge clean-up like 3 months ago so it was quite a swift process. I did it, i can maintain things under control! I also upload / backup and organize all the photos taken at Japan trip.

— Day 2. burning my brain cells trying to be a youtuber JK LOL, i literally learnt from scratch from watching iMovie editing tutorials from YT and just got on with it, it’s FUN.  i can feel that more practice will make the process easier/faster, i have so many ideas that i want to finalize… btw actually getting my hands on the editing work makes me even more admire some of the content creators i’ve been following religiously, just to name a few, i highly recommend them in terms of video content, editing quality and general vibe:

CaseyNeistat, Claire Marshall, Estee LaLonde, Fran Meneses, LaMadelynn, Sara Dietschy, sunbeamsjess; to name a few, i’d love to know some of your fav creators too, hit me up! 

— Day 3. finally updating my MBA to OS High Sierra, i just straight up skip Sierra altogether, hahah, i honestly procrastinate it too well:S everything’s fine with the update, and my startup disk storage somehow free up 30GB of space, hooray! I also set up FCPX which i intend to use on my next video editing, so excited about that! i’m hoping to make the video in following Saturday, it’ll be a shorter one which i shouldn’t have that much pressure on. ohhh almost forget to mention i watch full season one of “The Good Place” and I LOVE IT!!! i’m not a gal of comedy but this gem is no typical comedy, i can’t give away anything but just to say if you’re into good black humor and smarty dialogue with a twisted  setting of your afterlife good place bad place thang ANNND some weird cartoonish shit element, give it a go, you might end up like me binge-watching:D

— Day 4. so today i catch up with latest episode of Outlander (#305), the story has finally moved on to another climax and i couldn’t help but feel all soppy and eyes watery, i still love a good old intense love story. later in the afternoon i decided to go on YT again (yeah this is literally my go-to place for anything from entertaining, inspiring to educational purpose) and check out some vids on how-to-sketch cuz the other day i saw a friend sharing his quick sketches of landscapes and cathedrals during his travel in Italy and i thought to myself; wow that’s so interesting to do you know, and it didn’t look very hard, i mean i can take  up a camera and shoot and edit i can surely start to learn drawing, drawing has always been a skill i wish to have but i have zero confidence because i do it badly and thus i didn’t want to try and that perfectionist mentality is rubbish, it’s a poisonous negativity to prevent a person from doing anything that he or she could have accomplished and i waited too long to realize that in life. so i got a pen and i got some notebooks, what’s the waiting for?

right now i got some random house music playlist on Spotify as my BGM and realize how chatty i am! technically it was a very relaxed and chill weekend, i get all the me-time although i still get sorta panicky or annoyed about life’s trivia but overall i did stuff and accomplished goals slowly, step by step, one may never know how the road maps out ahead, and i’m open to surprises.


nites guys, xoxo



2 thoughts on “you know what, why no just write a post about it!

  1. Awwwwww thanx so much for mentioning me in such lovely terms Chloe! <3 of course we are blogger friends, you know I've always followed your blog with passion and I lik you a lot as a person :)
    We have a lot of youtubers in common that we follow! sunbeamsjess is my current obsession, are you watching her vlogctober?? It's so addicting!
    It's nice to have a few days off to both run some errands and take some me-time for ourselves. I'm trying too to keep my physical and digital space as clutter-free as possible, no easy task tho!
    Oh, totally random: about a month ago I dyed the ends of my hair pink, so we've a similar look now! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Julia, sunbeamsjess is such a babe, her voice is so chill and the fashion style and video style are such a rare on the youtube community, i’m so happy we’re both enjoying her videos! i’m watching her vlogctober religiously hahah
    yes i saw your hair color on insta i’d say it’s more like rose gold pink? i’ve always wanted to do whimsical color like pink or blue but my hair wouldn’t take on so much saturation without serious bleaching work so mine’s more red than pink:(

    thanks for the hearty comment/chitchat as always tho:)


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