Chitchat & Random Ink Test on Hobonichi Techo


Surprise surprise guys! After a brief hiatus I’ve managed to snapped some photos and put this content together which I’ve never done before, that’s an INK TEST, sound a bit serious and professional isn’t it? Well… it’s nothing like that. Before we get into seeing some colour here I just want to mention that Thank God we’re finally having some wintery vibe here to catch up with Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year), I haven’t been in my best shape physically, been going in and out of hospital for check ups and stuff, everything’s okay now, just need to do more rounds and take care of myself, I wasn’t feeling that bad anyway but it’s more like mentally I hate being labeled as a patient, annoyed being partly known for some facts and still not 100% sure of the condition but I disgrace…

I’ve been seeing some post about these Zebra Sarasa clip gel pens in vintage colors and it just got me that I have to have them all! So I stormed to Kingstone Dongmen branch last Friday after work and bought a whole set of 5 colors, it’s retailed for NTD$36 (that’s roughly about USD$1.1) each and they give out one mini correction tape for each pen so I got five of them!

See how lovely these colours are! I like how the plastic pen itself is corresponding to each’s own colour and the buttery beige clip & gold labeling on top making it a bit more retro than it is. I believe these colors aren’t too unique to find on the market but for a gel pen it’s a nice launch for stationary lover to have an easy access of the essential colour of selection if you’re not using fountain pens. I personally love the RED BLACK & BLUE GRAY ones the most! They’re all very subtle and opaque and 0.5mm nib is very easy to write with, I just glided those roller balls on hobonichi techo’s creamy smooth papers with content:)

Downside though, they don’t offer refill at the moment and 0.5mm is the only size available now. So that’s something to be considered before purchasing!

Here are some of the pen sets I bought along with my Sept. purchase of hobonichi. On top is this Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen which I find very useful when you’re trying to do some amateur calligraphy and nice little topic writing while journaling.

On the bottom are those Zebra Mildliner Double Sided Highliters that are just generally beautiful to look at, I’ve always hated highlighers that literally HURT my eyes and as the name suggests, mild these colours are, they still don’t go unnoticed!


I hope you enjoy this quick post and let me know what’s your fav colour from Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen Vintage colours!



One thought on “Chitchat & Random Ink Test on Hobonichi Techo

  1. I loved this post! I’m also curious to see how you’re getting along with the Hobonichi and what use you’re making of all its pages (especially the daily ones) =)

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