What I Eat During My USA Business Trip

I like to take photos of food before I eat them, not necessarily to put them on social media because many of the times I just randomly snap a quick one without curating them to look delicious. This is more like a ritual / habit started this year to document what I consume as a little reminder of my intake which I can look back to and see if I’m eating healthy, and sometimes it’s simply just a about a happy memory these food can bring me back to:D Whatever, food is good and I love food!

10/17 Mon.

EVA AIR BR06 in-flight special dietary meals
Low Fat Meal, Low Cholesterol Meal(LFML)

They were actually quite delicious! Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t get much choice up in the air stuck with economy class and you’re bored, tired and just want to eat, but one thing I’m certain of is that they were lightly flavored and fresh so it wouldn’t weight your body down while already under uncomfortable flying situation, and special meals are served before normal meals so that’s a PLUS! (Remember to book them online beforehand though!)

10/17 Mon.
Starbucks @ LAX 
Hot Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) non-fat, 2 pumps, no WC

My first coffee break and first sip of PSL year 2016. I had it ordered in a more “healthy” way and it’s still THAT GOOD!

10/18-20 Tue-Thu. 

b.fast buffet @ Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore

Obviously you can see I’m a creature of habit:P Hotel served food are not cheap but they do the job so I have nothing to complain about!

10/19 Wed.

LEVEL 11 Rooftop Resto @ St. Pete Beach

There were a lot of food, appetizers and booze we ordered but I just had little of everything, not exactly what we’re used to eating back home with a proper meal of rice or noodles, I’m not that hungry anyway, business trip pressure kinda shrinks your stomach:(  I ordered one glass of cocktail, Paradise Punch. 

10/20 Thu.

Dinner @ Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar

Cedar Grilled Lemon Chicken

The evening we arrived at Easton, PA we went for some grocery shopping around Hampton Inn Easton area, there were Target, Walmart and many family resto. We tried Applebee’s and I ordered this Lighter Fare plate which portion/calorie/price-wise all looking relatively friendly:D I like how resto here often mark out the ingredient and calorie stuff, it just makes things easier especially for a foreigner too. This one was really good! I can literally have another plate no kidding!


10/21 Fri.

Lunch Buffet at Majestic Easton office.

The buffet we had in Tampa meeting was mostly pasta & cheese which I forgot to snap a photo, this one here I know not looking so pleasant but I guess my clean diet back home really adjusts me well to fit in american diet. I always drink bottled water instead of soft drinks to accompany with, it’s all about sugar in take here! Once you cut it off from your life you just don’t crave for that extra sweetness in your diet, tried and true.


10/21 Fri.

Dinner @ Panera Bread

I had this PICK 2 combo and from the photo it may not look like a lot but I promise you guys the soup along made me full… I had to wrap the Mediterranean sandwich back to hotel as a late night snack, it was actually a good idea. We finished our meeting today, business part was officially over, went to LeHigh Valley Mall for a sneaky shopping and staying at hotel along has never been so relaxing, I took the longest hot shower and chewed my sandwich while watching American Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare. I’m hiding back into my comfort zone even with 12hours of time zone different and thousands of kms away from home.

10/22 Sat.

Brunch @ EWK

We hit the road in the morning firstly made it to ABE then took UA shuttle bus to EWK, gotta eat something before 5hr flight to LAX with like another 5hr layover. I never get tired of browsing through airport food, they may be cold but to me they’re delicious and fun, something I don’t get to eat in Taiwan a lot. BTW pickle chips were too sour for my taste, I never finish it:(


10/22 Sat.

Afternoon tea grab @ LAX

YO2GO Blueberry creamy greek yogurt&crunchy granola, I’m a sucker for this thing! I wish I could eat it everyday! I managed to get myself one last Starbucks drink at the evening store luckily it just near our boarding gate where I don’t have to rush around with my backpack and stuff! I ordered Teavana Cinnamon Chai Tea Latte, Hot/Grande/Non-Fat and it was the most amazing thing in the world at that moment, I shouldn’t have drunk so many PSL, I ought to be smarter and stick with CCTL in the first place!!

10/23 Sun.
EVA AIR BR11 in-flight special dietary meals
Low Fat Meal, Low Cholesterol Meal(LFML)

I didn’t touch the melting yogurt and cookies, and I think the bread was an accident but I swallow it anyway:D

If you’re reading this, thank you and bon appetit ! 

Questions here: What kind of cuisine do you guys like? Do you like american food? And last but not least, anyone thinking AHS this season is surprisingly fascinating?! 


3 thoughts on “What I Eat During My USA Business Trip

  1. What’s hardest for me when traveling is that all restaurant foods are too salty in this country (US). Being Asian, there’s nothing like a simple meal of rice and lots of vegetable!


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