My Hobonichi Techo 2017 UNBOXING


So I finally jump into the hobonichi techo bandwagon, hooray! Ever since I started my journal / stationary journey on year 2015 I’ve been a faithful traveler’s notebook kinda gal:P I adore the system, how it’s very user-firendly and flexible to customzie even for a not-quite-so-artsy person like me. I know there’s another very popular system called hobonichi and somehow I just had the WRONG impression that it woudn’t suit my recent released free spirit whatever that is! A journal/planner with dates printed out and format laid out sounded so depressing but I was so wrong!

Thanks to the lovely stationary community on youtube and instagram I’ve been seeing some very amazing sharing about hobonichi and how it has its advantage or eye-catching designs that gradually grew on me and BOOM a couple of months ago I decided to join the Septembre preorder, the desire to get my hands on my own hobo finally got satisfied with 9/1 release and I quickly picked out below rather basic items to kick start my 2017 hobonichi experience.  First let’s take a peak on this year’s pacakge, it’s a soft baby pink with dark green lettering, I have to admit to actaully have a box to unbox is like an early christmas!


Let’s open it up!


So I bought these……


Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 22.45.11.png

I decided to pick up the basic cover this year, choosing a rather earthy/dirty yellow keeping it simple and neutral since I thought the planner design itself is already “girlish”. At first I wanted to get A5 to fit into my Roterfaden but I couldn’t resist the idea of having one hobo cover too so I was gladly convinced to get A6 the original planner size instead, the actual impression is quite compact and I’m confident I can adapt to this One Page Per Day system, I wouldn’t want to waste any page of this little badass, it has this magic to make you commit journaling daily, or at least that’s how I feel right now, maybe it’s all too early to say but let’s stay positive and experimental, shall we?

I decided to go with the English ver. this year for no particular reason I guess. Really like the free cover on cover that comes with the planner kit, it even has a pocket in the back so you can still access your planner pocket. Hobonichi seem to be giving out different exclusive accessories every year and for this year it’s a mini butter toast plate (so cute! scream!! I’m putting this in my office to add a pop of cuteness onto the worktop vibe) & 3-color ballpoint pen that tested to be able to write smoothly (BONUS!)

I got myself another cover-on-cover with Japanese style pattern on, thought the white artwork would go really well with my solid pineapple cover! And who could resist not throwing some useful accessories into shopping cart anyway? Photo album for more storage, Dot sticky notes for a pop of color and pinpoint on important dates-A MUST, Mildliner highlighters? Gotta Try!


This is just a Dokonoko App (Instagram for cats and dogs) flyer that came in with the box and I thought was pretty cute so I snapped and put it here.

So that’s pretty much about the unboxing! I didn’t really buy too much stuff as you can tell, lol. Overall the purchasing experience was very pleasant, hobonichi has a very detailed English website to meet international customers’ needs which I’ll linked it down below, the packaging is impeccable and shipping was super fast! Basically pre-orders take up 1-7 business days’ preparation, I placed mine 9/1, received email confirmation 9/2, got shipping notice on 9/9 and my parcel was dispatched by EMS on 9/10, took only 3 days to arrive (Japan->Taiwan) Wonderful! It made my day:)


Please go check out HOBONICHI TECHO 2017 website if you haven’t already, watch out your money in the purse, considered it warned.

Let me know if you’re getting one hobo for yourself this year? Which combo are you most interested in? Or share with us if you’re already a hobonichi techo user:)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon. xxx




6 thoughts on “My Hobonichi Techo 2017 UNBOXING

  1. Chloe, thank you for sharing your unboxing experience! That is probably one of my favorite types of post to read, to see what have others purchased to start off a new year. This year, I have opt in for another cover, Lapis, with a Techo Avec. Since I am trying to streamline what I carry with me, I have also purchased an insert for cards. The package is somewhere over the Pacific Ocean now and I cannot wait!

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    1. Out of three times I have ordered Hobonichi, this is the longest I have needed to wait. It was somewhere in the Pacific for 2 days and now stays in the custom for another 2. Hopefully, I will see it by the end of this week!


  2. Thanks for sharing your unboxing experience, it was so much fun! I’m not joining the Hobonichi family – for now. I have the same perplexities you had before purchasing about having too much structure, and considering that my life is still subject to major changes I don’t think day per page would be a good choice for 2017. Still, I’m really interested in this planner and overly curious about the way you’re going to use it!

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