[Taipei/台北] 銀兔スープカレー/Soup Curry/湯咖哩



  • Time: 2016.08.07 Sunday lunch 12:00
  • Location: 台北市浦城街13巷14號
  • Contact: 886-02-2369-7331 (lunch hour 1100-1500, dinner hour 1700-2100)

* We got to 銀兔 around 1130 but it was not open until 1200, they haven’t changed their opening hour details on Facebook so be sure to call in advance to confirm and book a table! 

Long time no foodie post! I’m back with a full appetite even on a mid summer’s day! I couldn’t pass writing about this soup curry place because it’s the best curry I’ve ever had, but confession here, writing this post or even thinking about it makes me really really hungry!!

Let’s dive into the curry soup then! (Literally I’d be fine if I have to swim in it, heaven:P)




By entering the resto and seeing all the little decor details I knew the dish was going to be amazing, I like their water with lemon, the combo is just right in perfection giving us a bit of cool and chill after waiting out in the sun (playing Pokemon GO duh?!) and it’d serve as a good refresh after eating.


This is a kindly reminder on how to enjoy your soup curry to its fullest.

  1. First you squeeze some lemon juice to rice ball, it’ll give a nice and fresh smell to it.
  2. You eat rice and curry separately so you can savor every bite to everything’s original yumminess
  3. You can scoop up a bite of rice and dip into curry to enjoy their delicious harmony.


Isn’t it the cutest menu ever?!  I like how it’s illustrated instead of just taking a photo, somehow the drawing made me really happy and excited about what they were cooking up in the kitchen. I ordered the chef-recommend (btw it’s a Japanese chef so once again I’m very much anticipated with the authenticity) – 元氣嫩雞湯咖哩/energy chicken soup curry with a level 2 spicyness (level 1 as to non-spicy, level 5 as to the spiciest) & normal rice ball quantity.



You see what I mean? I definitely wow when chef placed my dish in front of me! Everything looked so neat and nutritious, you can easily tell all veggies were chopped in big chunk, rested in bowl sucking up the curry soup. The curry itself was very smooth and right on point, the flavor was strong enough but never too overpowering or weighing you down, you could taste what the veggies were suppose to taste like, it was like the curry soup brought out the best version of each food.


This is 有機新鮮蔬菜湯咖哩 / organic fresh veggie soup curry, selient ordered. More delicious veggies here! We want to order some side dishes next time, I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

Honestly I don’t think I’ll want to look for any curry place in the near future, this will do me just fine:D If you’re ever in Taipei please make sure to try out this dish originated from 北海道 Hokkaido, you’ll not regret it, promised.


Thanks for reading, Bon Appetit!




2 thoughts on “[Taipei/台北] 銀兔スープカレー/Soup Curry/湯咖哩

  1. Oh my, my mouth is so watering just by looking at the pictures!! This curry looks so incredibly 好吃, it’s definitely on my list of the top 10 things to try in Taiwan :D more food post please!

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