sink #2

Thought I wasn’t gonna journal down my dreams anymore, but here I am still. Lately I’ve been dreaming less, I didn’t count the numbers it just came to me as an impression but it didn’t mean I sleep better or worse, it’s just me entering a different phase in terms of sleeping. I sometimes wake up at 4am without any obvious reason, I’m not feeling particularly hot or cold in A/C room, nor am I thirsty or needing a piss, I just wake up and my head’s kind of crystal clear, you know?

2016.08.11 around 4am

4 in the morning, not too surprised but I’m still intrigued. Woke up feeling a bit weird on my left breast, I think I woke up because I was touching my breast and felt something strange,  and I was in a confused state of mind for quite a few minutes before my brain realized that I was awake. I got up, drank some water and put myself back to bed—dream land.

Me and selient were in his house, someone was trying to break in, it didn’t feel quite real at first until I saw the man’s hand with taser trying to force his way in while selient was holding on the door, he got tased twice, I was in the bathroom and I tried to call for help, suddenly looking out the window found we were at some sort of campus. This segment of dream ended with my brain swirling down like into the toilet flash.

Next scene we were on a flight to LA, the light was dim in the cabin, the atmosphere wasn’t unusual but I was like a character in the film, smelling out that there was something big going to happen in disguise of normality. I can’t perfectly describe the details but the image  of the dream was so vivid, nothing I’ve experienced before. We landed shortly and was supposed to wait for a person at The Sherwood Hotel, that was all we knew and we waited, watching the yellowy dim street light thinking it felt like the holiday season.

The End. 


One thought on “sink #2

  1. I love these thriller-like dreams! Seeing someone trying to break in is a recurrent dream of mine, always paired with the feeling of having realised it when it’s already too late. It never occurred to me to check what this means though!


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