[Taipei/台北] 銀兔スープカレー/Soup Curry/湯咖哩



  • Time: 2016.08.07 Sunday lunch 12:00
  • Location: 台北市浦城街13巷14號
  • Contact: 886-02-2369-7331 (lunch hour 1100-1500, dinner hour 1700-2100)

* We got to 銀兔 around 1130 but it was not open until 1200, they haven’t changed their opening hour details on Facebook so be sure to call in advance to confirm and book a table! 

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sink #2

Thought I wasn’t gonna journal down my dreams anymore, but here I am still. Lately I’ve been dreaming less, I didn’t count the numbers it just came to me as an impression but it didn’t mean I sleep better or worse, it’s just me entering a different phase in terms of sleeping. I sometimes wake up at 4am without any obvious reason, I’m not feeling particularly hot or cold in A/C room, nor am I thirsty or needing a piss, I just wake up and my head’s kind of crystal clear, you know?

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