June 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

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2016 Monthly Daily Refill. 

It’s July now and June seems like a period very long time ago, entering July is like officially entering summer and what’s before summer is now left a blurry dream that I can’t quite grasp.

+ 6/9-6/12 was traditional Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan, selient went back to Kaohsiung to see his family, I was lazily lounging around at home, hanging out with friends and family and TV series. Luckily I got two on sale tickets from Cathy Pacific Airlines to Tokyo, Japan in Dec. For a round trip flight tickets per person it was half the price I bought March. 2015. Booked Toyoko Inn & Sunroute Hotel Higashi-Shinjuku for backups but I was very attempted to try Airbnb this time so I was constantly browsing these amazing cozy homey listings and after a long discussion and comparison we booked one right near 大門/濱松町 (Daimon Station for Metro/Hamamatsucho Satation for JR) I literally cant wait to live there and enjoy our winter vacation!!! 

+ Planning Tokyo trip here and there, jotting down all the places we wanna go and food we wanna try, I’m quite determined to perfect my planner before / after the trip, It’s my 3rd time to Tokyo and I’m very excited for what’s more to discover, how enjoyable, relaxing and memorable the whole journey will be, adventures ahead!

+ This is a bit TMI but nevertheless, after 3 months on hold with birth control pill I decided to go back with a different brand, went to clinic for counseling and decided to jump from Yasmin to Meliane, So far in July I’ve been taking consecutively more than a week and I feel fine, don’t feel a change, not suffering any kinda side effect as far as I know, my frequent than usual headache is no where to be found in recent days, so overall I’m satisfied with the decision. 

+ Keeping up on track with my workout progress, my weight has been stably dropping these couple of months, body fat-wise, too. On 6/30 I hit Orange Level on Nike+Running app with 51.9km. I cut off sugary drinks once and for all but from time to time I still crave for chips and fries, I can do more exercise, walk faster, run more and eat cleaner, but in the weekend I really want to eat freely and happily, not to that point of junkie food but calorie intake-wise might be higher than weekdays’ super clean diet! Still figuring out the balance and my mental state on this food matter, working on it, gal! 

How’s your June? What’s your plan for summer? Airbnb is very addictive, isn’t it?!




2 thoughts on “June 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

  1. Airbnb is addictive indeed :D Glad to see you’re doing great with your health, exercising + eating clean during the week and then have some treats during the week end sounds totally fine to me =)


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