May 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

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2016 Monthly Daily Refill. 

 May has been errrr very hot! It’s definitely summer now on the island that the temperature is hitting 35 Celsius degree, the constant sweating and heat fatigue is not welcome but for this year somehow I’m motivated to enjoy the summer as much as I can with my journal/planner life, let’s beat the heat!

+ After Labor holiday I started to daily log my physical/mental health slash diary thing on my LIFE Notebook Grid in A5 size organized in Roterfaden (you can see my unboxing post here), FINALLY! I’m very happy that I find a purpose for this high quality notebook and the leather pocket companion and I’m very looking forward to adding more use and stuff into this badass and hopefully writing a set-up post soon! 

+ Rolling into the 2nd week of May I made a commitment to myself that I wanted to seriously look after my body, my diet has to be healthier and I really have to start working out so the whole “healthy living” is legit, efficient and “healthy” as it should be. Back in Feb. CNY I came down with a severe cold and I realized I have to change my routine, I started to eat more healthy (lucky I live at home and my mama cooks amazing food) stay away from junk food, I can proudly say I cut sugar drinks and fried foods quite clean from my life, don’t have any desire to drink coke even the sun is grilling on me:D  I digress, anyways these rainbow gradient tapes suggest the days I actually go out in the park and workout/sweat up myself, I went to H&M and bought some workout clothing and it totally motivates me and even makes me anticipate to go on jogging/brisk walking, I know I’m building a habit and it’s not the easiest thing, but my brain and body can definitely feel the positivity that comes with exercising and honestly I’m very happy about the change, I only wish I’d started it way earlier!  BTW I’m using Nike+Running app to help me track my workout and I really like it that this tool can instantly give me feedback on my progress and work as a kinda motivation too! 

+ Week 4 of May. Suffering from PMS, headache pained me from going out and I felt bad about myself, hate the fact that I have to endure headache more frequently than average but writing down my thoughts on Roterfaden helps, and ranting in Mind Pool helps too. I came to realize it’s meaningless and very negative to be affected by this little PMS defeat, we’re talking about a long-term healthiness building here guys! 

+ Big eat-outs this past weekend!! One on Fri. where me and selient went to my fav Chinese resto Din Tai Fung, we ordered less but I could only share like 40% of the dish, I guess my appetite has slimmed down a bit:P On Sunday us and my family went to SHIN YEH Japanese Buffet resto at Xinyi A11 , I rarely eat buffet and I like this one because it’s Japanese style so there’s a lot of fresh sashimi and sushi, so yummy! 

+ Went to see X-Men:Apocalypse and there’s nothing bad I can say about the film because my focus are all on professor and Magneto.  Do you have your fav film in the X-Men series? 

This month’s layout is less empty, I’m trying to decorate the page with washi tapes and I’m pretty pleased with how it adds a pop of colour here and there on the page, this is truly a journey of journaling discovery and mental/physical growth/routine. Thanks for stopping by, being here even it’s just for a minute, you’ve already taken part in my pieces of life. How’s your May? What’s your plan/resolution for coming summer?


2 thoughts on “May 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

  1. I actually hate summer heat because it means higher electricity consumption. I had to turn on the AC almost the whole day just to beat that summer heat. But I enjoy summer if I’m on a beach. How I wish I could stay the whole summer in a beach villa.

    How I wish getting back to fitness routine is easy. I did it four years ago but right now, I just can’t get back to it. I’m not sure if it’s because of my work which requires me to sit in front of my pc – working – for almost 12 hours. I need to add exercise in my daily routine but I kept on messing up with my schedule when I have new projects to work on. Plus, diet is not helping either. I’m using zoya app right now for my exercise. It only take 10-20 minutes workout but it’s enough for now until I fully incorporate my exercise routine on my daily schedule.

    I’ve seen X-Men movie too and I liked it as well. I actually like this installment because it started focusing with the old characters like Magneto, Prof X and Mystique. It’s nice to see them in a bigger picture compared to being just a minor character once the real XMen team are completed. Before this movie, when I hear XMen, I only know Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, etc. but not much about Magneto and Mystique and I only knew them as a villain. So I’m glad that they have a bigger story here for us to get to know them.

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    1. First of all , thanks for reading and taking time to leave such a long comment:) really appreciate that!

      I used to hate summer and it would drain the energy out of me, but I’m kinda okay with summer this year so far, (no promises when we roll in July, August tho:P) Electricity consumption is unfortunately inevitable, I mean the heat is just unbearable especially with high humidity level here, what Celsius degree do you get on an average summer?
      Building up a healthy routine is not easy in modern days for me at first especially having a regular desk job, I just wanted to watch series and youtubes when I got home, so I kinda really made up my mind, committing myself with a little bit of planning, I’m thankful that my family and boyf encourage me a LOT so I’m like less painful to jump into the healthy bandwagon! And TBH once I start a while I def feel some positive changes on my body, physically and mentally, I’m still no good but I’m willing to keep going and building this habit, make it solid. Like you mention the app, I think it’s one of the perk with technology that can be helping you, motivating you along the way. The point is not how much how good your workout is but enjoying a new lifestyle happily, so lets do this together:)
      I agree with you on the X-MEN, but not sure if its because I’m totally very interested in the actors James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, I have a weak spot for English actors, BUT nevertheless, It’s really interesting to see the story before X-MEN like how Charles becomes prof X, how he lost his hair( JK:P) and how Magneto evolves and these two’s relationship, so much emotions and motives behind the story.


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