April 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

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2016 Monthly Daily Refill. 

I can’t believe April fleeted away so fast just as I’m surprised to see myself sharing 2nd monthly layout, I have to say with this refill it’s easier to have your space seems filled up compared with weekly ones. My planner is still very minimal and simple but you can definitely notice “little stuff” popping up here and there which means I’m getting more comfortable with decorations over the course of time. So what happened during April?

+ First weekend of April was a 4 day national holiday on the island, me and my friends went to Yangmingshan just back of my home for a walk. It was the flower season too so it was kinda “people everywhere” situation, But the point of that particular trip was to have lunch at my fav chinese resto Din Tai Fung, I’m a happy gal in that place! 

+ Date with Priska, my lovely Swiss friend. We went to see Macbeth the movie starring Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard. I’m not familiar with Shakespeare though but Michael and Marion? I can endure a fully two hours of old English for these guys! And not to forget the theatrical/dramatic presentation, so impressive! Nothing like I’ve ever seen.

+ Went to Traveler’s Notebook 10th Anniversary TRC Caravan in Taiwan event, absolutely a highlight for TN addict. I took a few stickers offered at the workshop and popped that “Have a nice trip” round sticker there, love their good quality stickers, those positive words always bring smile to my face, and good memories too! 

+ The week after, I had my hair cut, or specifically a makeover. I chopped off half of the length and tried orangey tone ombre with very bright highlight here and there in my black hair instead of the subtle red ombre I’ve had for the past 1.5 years. Reds are nice but they fade out rather fast, I knew I wanted to try something that’s a pop of colour but nothing too crazy yet, so viola! I get used to this new look right away and I’m now so satisfied with shorter hair (who would know!) and lighter colour!  

+ Went to see HIGH-RISE starring Tom Hiddleston. Again, went to see that film because I’m a shameless Tom H. fangirl 100%. I can’t write proper reviews but if you adore Tom and adore experimental/artistic/post-modern stuff you would enjoy the film just as much as I do! 

+ Last weekend of April was labour day holiday and me and selient went back to Tainan again! Eat at some good oldies and discovered some new places too, overall me and my stomach were very happy about the trip:D 

Wow so except for the working weekdays my April seem pretty jam-packed when look back. I hope your April was full and fun and you’re enjoying May a lot! Thanks for stopping by, taking time to read what’s part of my life, really appreciate that and I’ll see you soon.  xxx


One thought on “April 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

  1. It’s curious, in my monthly spread the left-handed page is always the most crowded :D I think I tend to try and pack all appointments and tasks in the first half of the week so that I can enjoy a free-er week end… Mostly because I’m a house-lover I guess! I should go out more XD

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