May 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

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2016 Monthly Daily Refill. 

 May has been errrr very hot! It’s definitely summer now on the island that the temperature is hitting 35 Celsius degree, the constant sweating and heat fatigue is not welcome but for this year somehow I’m motivated to enjoy the summer as much as I can with my journal/planner life, let’s beat the heat!

+ After Labor holiday I started to daily log my physical/mental health slash diary thing on my LIFE Notebook Grid in A5 size organized in Roterfaden (you can see my unboxing post here), FINALLY! I’m very happy that I find a purpose for this high quality notebook and the leather pocket companion and I’m very looking forward to adding more use and stuff into this badass and hopefully writing a set-up post soon! 

+ Rolling into the 2nd week of May I made a commitment to myself that I wanted to seriously look after my body, my diet has to be healthier and I really have to start working out so the whole “healthy living” is legit, efficient and “healthy” as it should be. Back in Feb. CNY I came down with a severe cold and I realized I have to change my routine, I started to eat more healthy (lucky I live at home and my mama cooks amazing food) stay away from junk food, I can proudly say I cut sugar drinks and fried foods quite clean from my life, don’t have any desire to drink coke even the sun is grilling on me:D  I digress, anyways these rainbow gradient tapes suggest the days I actually go out in the park and workout/sweat up myself, I went to H&M and bought some workout clothing and it totally motivates me and even makes me anticipate to go on jogging/brisk walking, I know I’m building a habit and it’s not the easiest thing, but my brain and body can definitely feel the positivity that comes with exercising and honestly I’m very happy about the change, I only wish I’d started it way earlier!  BTW I’m using Nike+Running app to help me track my workout and I really like it that this tool can instantly give me feedback on my progress and work as a kinda motivation too! 

+ Week 4 of May. Suffering from PMS, headache pained me from going out and I felt bad about myself, hate the fact that I have to endure headache more frequently than average but writing down my thoughts on Roterfaden helps, and ranting in Mind Pool helps too. I came to realize it’s meaningless and very negative to be affected by this little PMS defeat, we’re talking about a long-term healthiness building here guys! 

+ Big eat-outs this past weekend!! One on Fri. where me and selient went to my fav Chinese resto Din Tai Fung, we ordered less but I could only share like 40% of the dish, I guess my appetite has slimmed down a bit:P On Sunday us and my family went to SHIN YEH Japanese Buffet resto at Xinyi A11 , I rarely eat buffet and I like this one because it’s Japanese style so there’s a lot of fresh sashimi and sushi, so yummy! 

+ Went to see X-Men:Apocalypse and there’s nothing bad I can say about the film because my focus are all on professor and Magneto.  Do you have your fav film in the X-Men series? 

This month’s layout is less empty, I’m trying to decorate the page with washi tapes and I’m pretty pleased with how it adds a pop of colour here and there on the page, this is truly a journey of journaling discovery and mental/physical growth/routine. Thanks for stopping by, being here even it’s just for a minute, you’ve already taken part in my pieces of life. How’s your May? What’s your plan/resolution for coming summer?


PMS rant

I even bother to write down my brain rant, man it’s tough! This week selient went back home to deal with some family stuff so I was left alone in Taipei and got bored…… I mean I have things to do my own but for the past almost two years I’m so used to hanging out with him in the weekends and for the past two days I have to get used to being a person instead to two.

I should write in the very first part that this is not a proper/standard blogpost, but just as I typed down these words I ask myself what exactly is a proper post anyway? Funny. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Mind Pool is not where I set out to rant but the title Mind Pool totally justifies the idea of brain dumping, good or bad, inspiring or boring, who cares, I shouldn’t be setting myself with unnecessary barriers now that I’m the only person swimming in this damn pool:)

So back to girl talk/TMI stuff – period. I’m not that kinda girl who suffers terrible pain during period, I only get minor to medium un-comfort in which I would very much appreciate chairs instead of standing up degree kinda pain. However I fear PMS, I’m don’t know if I have PMS every time but mostly I can tell there’s something wrong if there’s one. My routine is headache, dizziness and fatigue, lost interest in everything and craving for comfort food, sometimes I get annoyed twice easily and my boyf to me could act like an ass but mostly it’s not his fault……

What I regret this weekend: Ate too much Korean food, drank Starbucks’ Key Lime Pie Frappuccino.

I worked out great on Friday night but the following two days I’m so tired mentally and physically even up until now – Sunday night. Skyped with my lovely friend from Poland, Dominika who’s coming over to Tainan for a semester’s exchange SOON. Went to Costco with fam and the food tastes delicious because I haven’t eaten for months, that’s how to fall in love with something, again. I was trying to force myself go on exercise but it started to rain so I’m relived with a slight guilt, but it’s just my OCD messing with me, I need to workout in good state of mind/body, and building up habit is a long-term challenge, thinking this way makes me feel a little bit better. (padding on the shoulder)

At least I journaled my Roterfaden just now, I will be watching some more creative journaling/roterfaden review youtube vids the rest of the night. It did make me feel better to jolt down these rants than nothing, sorry if it bores you, appreciate if you hear me through. Nites.



April 2016 Life on Traveler’s Notebook

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2016 Monthly Daily Refill. 

I can’t believe April fleeted away so fast just as I’m surprised to see myself sharing 2nd monthly layout, I have to say with this refill it’s easier to have your space seems filled up compared with weekly ones. My planner is still very minimal and simple but you can definitely notice “little stuff” popping up here and there which means I’m getting more comfortable with decorations over the course of time. So what happened during April?

+ First weekend of April was a 4 day national holiday on the island, me and my friends went to Yangmingshan just back of my home for a walk. It was the flower season too so it was kinda “people everywhere” situation, But the point of that particular trip was to have lunch at my fav chinese resto Din Tai Fung, I’m a happy gal in that place! 

+ Date with Priska, my lovely Swiss friend. We went to see Macbeth the movie starring Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard. I’m not familiar with Shakespeare though but Michael and Marion? I can endure a fully two hours of old English for these guys! And not to forget the theatrical/dramatic presentation, so impressive! Nothing like I’ve ever seen.

+ Went to Traveler’s Notebook 10th Anniversary TRC Caravan in Taiwan event, absolutely a highlight for TN addict. I took a few stickers offered at the workshop and popped that “Have a nice trip” round sticker there, love their good quality stickers, those positive words always bring smile to my face, and good memories too! 

+ The week after, I had my hair cut, or specifically a makeover. I chopped off half of the length and tried orangey tone ombre with very bright highlight here and there in my black hair instead of the subtle red ombre I’ve had for the past 1.5 years. Reds are nice but they fade out rather fast, I knew I wanted to try something that’s a pop of colour but nothing too crazy yet, so viola! I get used to this new look right away and I’m now so satisfied with shorter hair (who would know!) and lighter colour!  

+ Went to see HIGH-RISE starring Tom Hiddleston. Again, went to see that film because I’m a shameless Tom H. fangirl 100%. I can’t write proper reviews but if you adore Tom and adore experimental/artistic/post-modern stuff you would enjoy the film just as much as I do! 

+ Last weekend of April was labour day holiday and me and selient went back to Tainan again! Eat at some good oldies and discovered some new places too, overall me and my stomach were very happy about the trip:D 

Wow so except for the working weekdays my April seem pretty jam-packed when look back. I hope your April was full and fun and you’re enjoying May a lot! Thanks for stopping by, taking time to read what’s part of my life, really appreciate that and I’ll see you soon.  xxx