Traveler’s Notebook 10th Anniversary / TRC Caravan in Taiwan


Just as excited as I was visiting Traveler’s Factory @ Meguro, Tokyo. I couldn’t wait no more but rushed to the event on day 2. (4/16 Sat.) Pop-up shop is located at Eslite Xingyi third floor’s open space, they built a temporary front wall based on Meguro store and my soul screamed a little bit when I saw it! Making me desperately want to go back Meguro so much!

Let’s tour around the event:) 


Let’s open the tiny door and get inside of traveler’s wonderland:) Just kidding with the decorative door:P But it really was a wonderland, and btw I’ve always really liked their zeitgeist “for all the travelers who have a free spirit”.

A little wall explaining how to use TN passport in illustration and vintage typewriter on display. A huge banner showcasing limited TN Mini 10th Anniversary Can Set.


This question if asked in youtuber’s style would have been: What’s in my Traveler’s Notebook?  Let’s peak inside these famous planer user and Taiwan user submitted and selected specifically for this event!


It’s one thing to admire people share their TN art on Instagram or process videos on youtube, but a whole different thing to actually see all the notebooks, tools, ephemera and stuff curated beautifully on display. Seeing this really makes me want to journal more, create more, no matter how the work turns out, I want to focus on the process and the joy comes along instead of how my layout should look like to be as “artistic” as other people on the internet, Baum-Kuchen charm says it all, the journey is the destination.  I believe it fits either traveling, journaling and living a life.


There’s a 10 year history guide on the wall with the story of how Traveler’s Notebook has evolved, I’m a total newbie because I only started using one since April 2015 with the Blue Edition. This little space was crowded with people looking around, checking out merch, DIYing own personal spiral ring notebooks.


TRC & Eslite really put together a great event, they carefully curated the space, fullfilling every details to recreate Traveler’s Factory vibe! As for the 10th Anniversary Can Set, I DID GET IT with the blue box:P and few pieces, hopefully I can do a blogpost very soon to share with you guys:) Some of the Taiwan limited items were sold out on day one, absolutely crazy!


It’s really hard to take photo with so many people blocking everywhere so I’m very much interested in going back again to slowly enjoy the event without the hassle. Above pictures are the stamping worktop where I manged to stamp a few, snatch some stickers and lastly it was a banner at the exit back.

I spent like an hour in the pop-up store and handed up to 4th floor for a browse on the stationary section and accidnetly bumped into their tiny Caravan space! It was so cute!!!

I had  so much fun at TRC Caravan, the event will last until 5/15, if you happend to be in Taipei, definitely go check it out! If you’ve visited the store already, I’d love to know what you think about it:)  xxx






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