Week 15_2016 on Traveler’s Notebook

019 Free Diary <Weekly + Memo> / 週間フリー+メモ

I know I said in my last post about not posting my weekly layout (yet) blah blah blah and I’m slapping myself in the face right this week, weekend to be specific by sharing a glance with you guys, blame it on Traveler’s Company Caravan in Taiwan :P

Before we jump into to the highlight might as well see what this week has been like? If you have been following @palestblue on either Instagram or Youtube You might know that this talented, creative German journaling sweetheart has opened an Etsy shop @palestblueshop selling some cute cute cute clear stamps, I got a Flowers & Frames set which I’ve posted on Instagram and can’t wait to use them to decorate my TN and welcome SPRING!  I saved the memo card, notes and stamps from the package and decided to stick on my free page, first time buying clear stamps and I’m glad I get to own a piece of @palestblue’s design:)  That piece of paper with heart shape clip at the bottom is from Keep A Notebook, a relatively new, good quality paper stationary brand from Taiwan, designed by Thomas Huang, another very talented planner user. Sneaky review— The paper is in good quality, creamy and decorative, kind of like journaling card but in a lot thinner paper, single-sided print. KAN offers many refills that suit perfectly in your regular traveler’s notebook with a more friendly price tag, You can check out their stuff at their facebook page!

As for the rest of the weekdays, I go to work, eat my meal, write down what I put into my stomach and drink some coffee, nothing too thrilling, on Friday though, my colleague and I went to Hoto Cafe to buy this coveted Blue Berry Cheese Cake and had a quick bite of Lemon Tart, if you’re interested please go check out my Instagram:)

Now on to the reason why I spontaneously decided to write this blogpost, TRC Caravan in Taiwan. That green stamp is a Taiwan limited edition only provided on sight the event. I didn’t stamp it well but it’s this famous Taiwan Beer bottle celebrating 10 years of Traveler’s Notebook, and I wasn’t sure why but I also put an event sticker besides and wrote “Taiwan is my home”. Not gonna give it away too much because I’m determined to write a full report about this event, very soon, promised. Let’s just say the event was a blast and I want to find time and revisit the pop-up shop again!

Do you have any planner addict that you’re following? Are there any refills besides midori’s that you’re using and loving? Please share in the comment:) Thanks for reading and I hope you come back soon.  xxx



4 thoughts on “Week 15_2016 on Traveler’s Notebook

  1. Hey, not only do we use the same midori weekly refill, even the little green post-it flag is the same!! I thought I was looking at mine, thinking “when did my page look so pretty?” LOL

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  2. Thanks for posting your weekly pages so soon! Needless to say I absolutely love them =) I used this kind of weekly layout in the past with in my Moleskine and I really, really loved it – in fact I’m considering going back to something like that for next year. It would also be a good occasion to revamp my Midori (that I haven’t used in a good while), but I don’t know if these inserts are available in Europe :(

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    1. Thank You! I struggle a bit of not having “perfect” journaling a while but I came to realize that only what you write/create matters, the point is not being perfect but just keep journaling. Go back to your TN and have fun with it:) I know a UK online store maybe you can check it out,: http://www.thejournalshop.com/


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