Japan_Spring Travel 2016 on Traveler’s Notebook

 It’s been two weeks since I got back from Japan and work/life has been super hectic so I’ve been procrastinating this blog post but I guess it’s not that late anyway:P Like I said in previous post My Traveler’s Notebook set-up for Japan Trip, I wanted to journal the trip on the way and I did which I’m very happy about, when I say journal I mean jot down my thoughts on the go so what I have to write is exactly how I’m feeling at the moment, not something I remember of/make up of after a couple of weeks, I pasted some ephemeral like cards, paper,  DMs if I can and the rest just put a memo tag on the blank page reminding me what I need to finish on the journal. Enough of my ramblings, here’s what the flip-through looks like!

First page and a familiar one, this is a rough outline & info regarding my trip, flipping through is my check list that’s been super helpful, these were written beforehand. On the right page I put my boarding pass and little Jetstar carry-on stickers on it.

Day 1-2. Our flight was delayed for 6 hours so while waited in the airport Starbucks, I decided why not start writing stuff down with a sip of Caffe Latte? I used Kyoto Hana DM to make another page within the notebook, I wanted keep the hostel details in the  journal, btw I totally recommend this place Kyoto Hana Hostel, it’s cheap, clean and in 5mins walk to JR Kyoto Station, everything’s perfect about this stay, I especially like our room was a Japanese Tatami Ensuite that felt like home. Total digress! On the back page of this DM I used the paper from 伏見稻荷大社/Fushimi Inari Shrine to make a pocket for storing my transportation pass and receipt from Kyoto Hana.

Day 3. Heading off to Nara for the Bambi, deers I mean;) Can I scream that deers in Nara are the cutest animal ever, I had so much fun feeding them senbei cookies!!! Souvenir stamping at tourist sights or stations are frequently seen in Japan, I did some good ones and some bad ones, obviously lacking skills here…… Trying out Ramen in Miso flavour for the first time eating a creamy tea flavour pudding.

Name card of the pudding, too cute to leave out. on Day 4. last day in Kyoto, we had a slow b.fast and take a walk around 東本願寺/Higashi Honganji just within 3mins walk from our hostel, it’s one of the biggest wood-built architecture in the world, so amazing I can literally just walk around and sit there enjoying the calm and serenity for half day, did some terrible stamping, sorry about that guys:S


Day 5. Waking up in Osaka, visiting the famous 大阪城天守閣/Osaka Castle, highlight of the day was this memo the owner wrote to me when we had lunch at 梅田空中庭園/Umeda Sky Building the famous お好み焼き/Okonomiyaki store きじ, I was wearing a mask due to coughing and the staff&owner were so kind giving me meds and hot water, when they knew we were from Taiwan, they greeted us with Chinese and owner not only wrote me this note but generously asked us to go in the kitchen and take photos with him, I was so surprised and happy and a bit shy, because all the other local customers are staring at us. The note translate as:

People from Taiwan

We feel sorry about Tainan earthquake,

Hang in there! Tainan.

2011.3.11 Japan Northeast earthquake, tsunami, Taiwan offered generous help and we are very grateful.

2016.3.13 People from Japan never forget.

This was a pleasant visit, the yummy food, the vibe, the super friendly owner worth 90mins wait in line, 100%


Dessert and sweets, either Japanese or western style are must -enjoy! on day 5 night when we were back to the most popular shopping destination 心齋橋/Sinsaibashi in Osaka and finally got to try HARBS in Daimaru department store, although all strawberries flavours were sold out (what? it’s only 3pm in the afternoon!) I still got to eat a huge slice of White Chocolate cake PLUS Muscat Jasmine Tea that balanced out the sweetness in harmony:) I could have eaten another cake! No kidding.

HARBS has the cutest DM with lovely illustration on their every cake, Japanese does cake with just the right amount of sweetness, you know what I mean? Sweet, yeah, but just right on point! Definitely coming back for more cakes next time.


This is a 京都河原町/Kyoto Kawaramachi mini guide map I randomly tear out and pasted on the whole page, and the only grand shopping I did there was LOFT, stationary haul, stationary heaven!


The only haul I did in Osaka was H&M, I find myself gravitating towards H&M compared to other fast fashion brands, sadly TOPSHOP was no longer in Japan otherwise I could have gone a little bit wilder;) But look at that receipt already! Day 6. Time to go home I manged to have my go-to onigiri and Starbucks Chai Tea Latte as my b.fast, it was a great start of the day to end the trip:)

I didn’t mean to turn this post into travel post but I’m just not that crafty and artsy to just wow you guys with my pure journaling photos, I hope one day I could though, but now I’m still going strong, enjoying all the journaling jazz here, I want to travel more, journal more and interact with you guys more!

If you have any travel/journal blog recommendations please do share, shameless self-promotion is very welcome here too, I wanna see what everyone’s crafintg/journaling about, so hit me up!  xxx




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