Lunch at やよい軒[Yayoi] Japanese Teishoku Resto

The truth is we wanted to eat at  くら寿司 but there was 20ish people line ahead and we were too hungry to wait so we headed to Yayoi just next door and I was happily satisfied with this decision, let me tell you why.


  • Time: 2016.03.27 Sunday lunch
  • Location: 南京松江店 10457 台北市中山區南京東路二段97號1F
  • Contact: 02-2511-8696 1100-2200 (L.O. 2100)

Yayoi is a chain that serves Japanese Teishoku originated from Japan. Look at DAH rice on the menu cover! I couldn’t wait to dive into that warm chewy bowl of rice. They have a good selection of teishoku, I almost couldn’t decide what to eat, luckily I was on a so-called healthy diet/lifestyle I was skipping all fried but super yummy choices. Interesting enough here is you order your meal with iPad on your table, once you’re finished you can take your printed sheet to pay the bill at the counter. Here’s what I’ve order.


WOW I was overwhelmed by the size of this teishoku, 肉野菜炒め定食 NTD$280 From top left was a tofu salad (涼拌豆腐) moving on to main course was pork cooked with veggies, they were a bit oily and smelt really good so it goes well with the rice, the set came with a big bowl of miso soup and  pickles to fresh up your gustatory sense during the meal. I was too full to finish the last bite and asked selient for help:P


玉子焼き!NTD$120  One of my fav egg dish but sadly theirs were overcooked, the outside was too dry and thick, missing out the fact that Tamagoyaki is meant to be juicy…… Besides I think two people ordering another side dish is just too much food to finish, next time we’ll pass on that!


Take a look at what selient has order! 和風Handburger定食 NTD$360  I have no idea why I didn’t order this one!


Last but not least you gotta have a dessert shared together, Sunday was pretty chilling and I instantly decided I wanted to have a red bean soup to warm up and I know the sweetness will make me happy:) ぜんざい 養生年糕紅豆湯(熱) NTD$120  OMG this was probably the best among lunch, I could really use some red bean sweetness to perk up the spirit and keep warm:) This is a must!

Price-wise it’s a little expensive but you do get a lot of choices and the size I mean, even selient’s very full, we’re coming back to try out more meals for sure.


Thanks for reading, Bon Appetit!




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