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caffeine . intoxicant . ecstasy

I didn’t write that two lines, totally copied it from the name card. 

  • Time: 2016.03.20 Sunday lunch
  • Location: no.379 sec.4 Xinyi Rd, Taipei
  • Contact: 8789-0218 mon-sun 0800-2400

I love tomato pasta, it’s fresh healthy and yummy! So while I was in Japan, selient planned this secret resto experience to satisfy my craving. This place seems to be super popular (btw I kept saying “this resto” instead of WOOLLOOMOOLOO because their name is freaking too long!), we actually dropped by the night before but it was full. Sorry I didn’t take any photos of the store but let me describe it to you guys, it’s this trendy industrial slash minimalist modern space that’s regarded as Chic at the moment, If you want to open up a store and be cool, you need to either go retro, vintage or go this cold industrial look so “cool people” will come and buy expensive fancy stuff, yeah you get it. I digress…… Let’s take a look at the menu, shall we?


There are many choices to cater to all appetite, price tags however set significantly higher all in common, maybe I’m just not that used to dining out in fancy resto, no need to be surprised! So these are what we’ve ordered.


Pappardelle pasta bolognese / 手工肉醬義大利麵 NTD$300

They served pretty fast, when this came all I could smell was the cheese. The pasta itself was a bit dry, I had a taste of it, not exactly what I was craving for-the juicy tomato type and honestly this was the smallest portion of pasta I’ve ever seen in my life. Petit dish for petit girl, not for me though! selient finished it like in three bites.


Cherry tomato salumi risotto / 櫻桃番茄臘味燉飯 NTD$320

my choice of the dish, portion-wise luckily a bit bigger than selient’s (poor boy:P), flavour-wise, not bad to be honest, TOMATO CHECKED! I don’t have anything bad to say about the food but I really wish they offer a more reasonable price for what it’s worth:(


Saute mushroom / 炒菇 NTD$220

Love it! Mushrooms were cooked just right with olive oil and sprinkles of scallion green onion, smelt like a homie dish, I could eat two plates of these, no kidding.


San Pellegrino Grapefruit / 聖沛黎洛氣泡葡萄柚水 NTD$100

Surprise surprise! I didn’t know grapefruit can be yellowy, thought it was all orange. If I have to order a juice I almost always pick grapefruit, I prefer something that’s sour rather than too sweet, to fresh up my mouth so I can eat more yummy food:P

So what do I think of WOOLLOOMOOLOO experience? I personally wouldn’t come back again, I value food more than the overpriced chicness, but if you’re looking for small portion good food and most importantly the cool vibe then you have to definitely check out this place, many young girls and I’ve spotted a few foreigners dine here so that’s gotta count for something right?!

I seem to write a lot of sarcastic comments in turns of food/rest review but I do really appreciate selient taking me here to try out something new so I can blog about it and the fact that taking me out to fancy resto once in a while is just the right amount of romantic act I need at the moment. It was a date, so who gives the fuck about prices.


Thanks for reading, Bon Appetit!


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