I saw this tweet on @travelers_note today and screamed a little bit inside! 2014 Traveler’s Notebook had a pop-up store at Eslite Xingyi and at that time I didn’t know anything about this brand and I just missed it and right after that I started to madly falling in love with it:( Now they’re coming back to Taiwan again and this time for the 10th Anniversary! So I’m definitely going!!


So what’s special about this particular event from Friday April 15 – Sunday May 1, 2016 / 10:00-24:00? There’ll be a 10 Anniversary Special Corner full of Taiwan limited products, washi tapes and stickers in local stuff that represent Taiwan culture on it, brass tags, ballpen and a very cute miniature Taiwan beer glass lucky charm, on top of that comes the refills of very beautiful cover cooperated with Eslite lifestyle “BOOKS, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN” and don’t forget about their signature cotton bags which you can conveniently throw everything you just buy in it and take them home happily:)

Additional to what I just recapped above which is already so amazing, if you spend more than NTD$1000 (that’s roughly USD$30) you get to have a free customized badge! How nice!! I mean I’ll probably receive one since I’m buying almost everything:P

Last but not least, there’ll be another event within the event, it’s called SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Event. Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17, 2016 / 11:00-20:00 where you can make your own notebook from choosing inserts to cover. I’m very interested in trying this out if I really do get the time to experience that I’ll blog about it, in fact I’ll blog about the whole event, it’s just too memorable. 


Speaking of 10th Anniversary, the other day their announcement on relaunching Camel edition on both regular & passport sizes, I almost fainted when hearing the news,  I know! I already have more than one TN but LOOK at the leather, the colour! It’s so gorgeous I don’t see any way of resisting that…… I mean this was a limited edition and now I’m actually able to get my hands on that?! I believe every TN lover is just excited as I am.

Have you guys attended any Traveler’s Notebook related event or gathering before? Please share, I’d love to know! And say hi if you’re getting a camel too:)


P.S. More info please see link TRAVELER’S COMPANY CARAVAN in TAIWAN above.




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