My Traveler’s Notebook set-up for Japan Trip


So I posted this photo on Instagram and got a few hearts from people I don’t even know then I remember that I should too be recording my Traveler’s Notebook journey in Japan.


I’m taking Blue Edition that I’ve been using since spring 2015, it’s got some scratches and marks, wear and tear but I think that’s the beauty of it, everyone’s got its own personal traveler’s notebook that’s unique in the world.

What I’m taking with me is quite basic and simple, I don’t want it to be too heavy, just compact and having enough space for storing ephemera along the trip would be nice.

I might not be able to write a lot on the way, probably too tired or too busy eating:P But I’m hoping to jot down some notes so I don’t have to start from scratch when I’m back like 1 week later. Writing at the moment and afterwards are two total different emotions.

I’ll be updating my travel on Instagram & Twitter, can’t wait to take lots of photos and eat tons of FOOD! Wish me good luck:)

What do you think of the set-up? How’s your travel set-up any different?



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