Dating Journal #2_2016.03.06 Sun.

So the week before Japan trip has been hectic, I’ve kicking every tasks one by one in work in the speed of light hoping not to burden myself with trivial stuff and life’s been pretty full with my daily workout routine going strong. Saturday was divided into hospital appointments and Priska, I’m doing my best to be the best shape physically and mentally before the flight, I had a lovely time with Priska while selient was decluttering his place.

Sunday morning 0830. Me and Diana met up in Starbucks and ran our itinerary, I’m rather unfamiliar with Kansai area however we decided not to rush and just enjoy the trip, schedule-wise everything seems pretty fine, not much to worry about so we basically finished rundown before 1130 when selient came to fetch me.

I craved for a quick and easy yummy udon again, even though I just ate it the day before, Priska loved it too! This new udon place I’ve been obsessing over with is called 讚岐釜揚げうどん丸龜製麵@新光三越南西2館B1 serves the yummiest udon you can eat in Taipei, they said it tastes pretty much the same like in Japan’s original store which I’ll check out next week. I’m a noodle lover so basically I would love this place before I even tried anything.

I ordered yet again 明太釜玉うどん added some fresh scallion and white sesame to spice up a bit. Lunch wasn’t complete without another Onigiri, rice lover here too!

After lunch and a little walk around MUJI as usual, we headed back to selient’s, I was kind of dizzy and just not feeling very energetic generally, I guess it was because of the sunshine of spring, always making people want to yarn and curled up in bed. We watched two anime, ONE PUNCH ova (I never thought I’d enojy this so much and followed through the episodes now very much anticipating season 2) & DIMENSION W (super interesting with the sci-fi story setting and the cuttiest heroine robot ever I’m too obsessed like I never thought I would, great taste my boyf, giving him all the thumbs up!)

I felt asleep for a while, for dinner I wanted to copy exactly what I ate with Priska @ Rice Cafe杓文字 梅子小魚茶泡飯 I picked this set because I couldn’t eat anything fried and too spicy to damage my sensitive throat and condition but it turned out to be a pretty tasty choice, fresh and light, glad I have more options now:)

Following dinner came dessert time otherwise a date wouldn’t be complete, but since I’m strictly on my no sugary drinks routine, I shared 小確信紅茶牛奶合作社 正濃(Hot) with selient, we sat in the park and just chatted randomly, enjoying the night, it didn’t feel like a Sunday, probably because I’m going away for a week, left this journal, finished my work and I get to breathe some fresh air in Japan, can’t wait to be there just enjoy life for a short while, but I can’t even wait to go back with him.  xxx



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