sink #1

I’m just thinking what title I should put for my dream diary and I thought why not just write “sink”, I like the image of water, and journaling my dreams seem like collecting them into each individual sink to preserve, to let go and let them float around metaphorically in the sink, but lost deep in my brain space. So here it goes…

2016.03.04 around 5am

I was woken up by a series of dog bark, this particular dog around my house tends to bark in the morning alone for minutes and for no obvious reason. I didn’t exactly know I have a dream when I realized I was awoken by the noise, was trying to shake of this annoying noise and dog… I got up and drank some water, stretched out a bit and went back to bed and the next time I got up I remembered I did dream something.

There was this guy friend from junior high who at that time I was pretty close with, I bumped into him in the dream when I was hanging out with selient on the street. selient was getting some drinks from a store or something and I called out my friend’s name, it was a huge surprise so real that I’m certain that’s how I’d react in real life too. We stood by the wall and chatted, he was taller than I remembered, exactly the same slim figure and image years back, selient came back and I introduced them, didn’t remember what we talked about in the dreams but I was happy.

I think he appeared in my dream because I spotted him on the way to work recently, I was on the bus and he was waiting to cross the road. We haven’t talked or anything almost since high school, we just don’t get in touch with friends even there’s facebook all sorts of social media, some old friends were just lost in the time river before apps can put us in connection and when I think about it, it’s kind of sad to be honest, too afraid to pick up the thread, too much burden to bear, too much awkwardness and embarrassment to look back and when something like this hits you, it’ll be another couple of years gone by and harder for you to do something about it.

A dream of nostalgia,  bitter sweet misery to the good old days when you’re just a teenager and all you need to worry about is paperwork, friends, boys. I think next time I see my friend I’ll go talk to him, say hi and smile:)


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