Dating Journal #1_2016.02.21 Sun.

I didn’t plan this entry when starting the blog but I feel like relationship has been an important/big part of my life and I want to not only journal on traveler’s notebook but also blog about it, to express, to reflect and to remember—us.

Sun. 21th Feb. 2016 | chilling

Me & boyf=>selient as he refers himself to online:P we met at MRT Zhongshan station and we were going on a hunt of a new ramen place called 美濃屋 I’m kind of tired of chain ramen store in Taipei so when I saw good things about authentic/traditional ramen style place like this I have to go and try.


This bowl of deliciousness is called 喜多方ラーメン (Kitakata Ramen), it is among the 3 big names in Japan ramen along with 札幌ラーメン (Sapporo Ramen) & 博多ラーメン (Hakata Ramen). The soup is made of tonkatsu (pig’s bone) in soy sauce flavour. I actually like their style over chain stores I’ve tasted so far in Taipei, it’s fresh and you can tell not only from the store decor but also their food’s pretty home-made and heart warming, like what I saw from the internet that many Japanese in Taipei come to visit here, we did bump into two tables of Japanese, so I suppose 美濃屋 ramen is pretty up to Japanese taste/standard in terms of authenticity.

Next up I really wanted a sip of coffee after a salty ramen journey so I popped into cama cafe and order a medium hot Hazelnut Latte.


I’m so late on this cama coffee bandwagon! cama has been around and being popular for years and today was the first time I tasted their coffee. I’m definitely no expert in coffee but I can at least tell if I like it or not, Duh! So this cup costed NTD$70 and I have to say it was pretty good, coffee was on point, milk on point and you can totally get the hazelnut out of it, so it was good enough for me to come back and grab another cup next time I see cama on the corner.

One thing I planned to do today was to go MUJI and shop around. I’ve been loving MUJI a lot since we started dating, it’s a romantic place for us to hang around, I know, so weird! But we like to just walk around the store and get a thing or two to add a bit of “lifestyle” to our daily lives, checking out what’s new and which product we’d like to get in the future. I got a few bits and bobs from the store but I didn’t take a haul photo about it, maybe it’s not that interesting anyway.

Need another break and it was already afternoon tea time so we went to this place on my foursquare list, Hour Cafe. 小時咖啡


Hour Cafe is located in the old neighborhood of Zhongshan station back, many old houses were revamped into chic cafe or boutiques that offer good food good drink and good vibe, this one we were visiting is very simple and quiet, they don’t have many seat but we were lucky enough to have seats and I ordered this hot Almond Milk that was so comforting, almond and milk just blended together in harmony. selient ordered a cup of Latte and he gave me a sip, not bad either.

Wait a minute! Why do I feel like this blog post has turned into some sort of food sharing in attempt? Anyways, after we finish the drink and playing around with our phones and iPad we decided to head back to his house and had another rest. Dinner tonight was at 公館 (Gongguan)’s 順園小館 because I was craving for food like 鼎泰豐 (Din Tai Fung) and we needed someplace close and cheap, food was okay to fulfill my craving, nothing worth writing about and I wouldn’t particularly want to go back for no reason.

Tonight ended with selient accompanying me almost home, he could be so sweet when he offers to take mrt to Shipai with me, so I have more time to snuggle up with him on this cold weekend, I need to work harder on taking care of my body and recover fully from flu before next weekend which I’ll be staying with him 3 days of 228 Holiday. I can’t wait to do stuff with this boy! xxx



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