Dating Journal #1_2016.02.21 Sun.

I didn’t plan this entry when starting the blog but I feel like relationship has been an important/big part of my life and I want to not only journal on traveler’s notebook but also blog about it, to express, to reflect and to remember—us.

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Review on Origami Living World / 生之世界 摺紙藝術展 心得

2016.02.20 Sunday. Me and boyf decided to go see this Origami / Paper 3D folding expo at National Museum of History on a whim. I haven’t been to any expo for quite a while and this time I have no much idea what I’m gonna see, surprise surprise! Sure, I’ve seen some “origami/paper folding” before but man I did not expect THAT! See the photos above? Pure craftsmanship with the most delicate details of every creations possible, some of the animals are so real and so cute, some of them are pretty creative and modern. I like the part they also add colours and textures to the paper so the works are more playful and diverse. One thing I learn today is that paper folding at this level is actually very complicated and skill-reliable, Duh :P AND it’s all about math! Today was a nice little experience, I think I’d like to see some more interesting expo in the future, even on a date.


Origami Living World

2016.02.20禮拜日 和男友決定去國立歷史博物館看「生之世界 摺紙藝術展」。 我很久沒有去看展了,而且這次的展我完全沒有概念,當然我有看過一些所謂的摺紙但完全沒有準備會是這樣wow的展覽,蠻驚喜的!看看照片中的摺紙們?純粹的手工藝展現最精緻的細節在每個作品上,有些動物非常的真實有的則是非常具創意,我特別喜歡有些作品會在紙的質地/顏色上做變化,呈現出來的效果更加多元。今天學到原來這樣程度的摺紙是非常複雜並且需要技巧的(好像是廢話)重點是原來摺紙跟數學脫離不了關係!今天輕鬆愉快的看展經驗讓我不排斥下次有機會看看更多的展覽,在約會的時候(笑)



Valentine’s Day Lunch at Din Tai Fung / 鼎泰豐之情人節食記


  • Time: 2016.02.14 Sunday, Valentine’s Day lunch time 11:00
  • Location: Nanxi Store@Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Nanxi Store One (B2 no12 Nanjing W. Rd, Taipei City) / 新光三越南西店
  • Contact: 886-02-2511-1555 mon-sun 1100-2130


A revisit to Din Tai Fung that I’ve been lusting for quite a while!


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My Roterfaden UNBOXING


So here it is my lovely Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter Konfigurator, I ordered a A5 size light brown leather X red thread elastic and mud suede inside with 3 clips and a combo of 4 pockets. 

I purchased online from Roterfaden directly 12/21 which costs me €125.54 including tax/shipping, with x’mas and holiday coming up at that time I knew my order would delay but I didn’t expect to recieve like after another whole two weeks. I had to write email to the staff and make sure my dispatch is on the precess however when they finally shipped out it was mistakenly sent to China which I have reason to believe is due to the address coloum being able to selcet “Taiwan province of China” instead of Taiwan. By the time I got my parcel I was already not very happy about the mailing issue and I wrote them again about the country name and never got reply since…… I suppose this problem has never occurred to them before and I’m probably their first customer from Taiwan but it’s still depressing with the whole process being such a hassle.

I heard so many good things about Roterfaden and I just didn’t expect the ordering disappointment like this, nevermind I’m not buying anything from them in near future let’s just come back and admire this badass piece of art.


Here are what came with the package.


Face Side! As you can see there’re already some scratches and marks on the cover which I don’t mind that much becuase it’s 100% hand made in Germany and it’s only natural how the leather looks.


Open up! The mud suede lining is lighter than what I saw from the website but I’m actually more fond of how it looks which is a nice surprise. You can see the interesting clips and customized pocket placement which will come in handy when in use.


Bond with the red thread!

Roterfaden is so so beautiful, I love the look ot if, the touch of it and the smell of it. I knew I have to get my hands on one when I saw this on Baum Kuchen although I don’t really have any needs for another notebook obviously:P I’m very satisfied with my current (Midori) Traveler’s Notebook Blue Limited Edition which I’ll write a set-up post about it soon! I promise you this was not an impulse buy, I googled every reviews I can find and watched a bunch of youtube videos only making me want my own Roterfaden more…… I’ll figure out a way to put this into use and hopefully share my set-up & review to you guys too!

What do you think of Roterfaden? How do you like this kind of planner system? Do you have an obsession over planners?

For more info on Roterfaden please go to their website and play around and also give the lovely Baum Kuchen a visit.


Baum Kuchen

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon:)  xxx

Hello Internet

This is a testing blog post worked out in the midnight in the room along again.

My BGM is some kind of random deep house remix from youtube, yeah.

I shouldn’t be staying up this late but couldn’t help trying to figure out this wordpress thing and reach out to the world NOW